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DPF Forced Regeneration

Don’t let the need for forced regen hold you up. We’ll get you back on the road FAST!

Fleet Services of Knoxville has the diagnostic tools needed to force a DPF regeneration fast! Our Pro Technicians will come to you to save time getting you back on the road. Fleet Services of Knoxville is competitively priced and RELIABLE! Our service trucks are operated by licensed technicians who are experts in truck repair. Whatever your needs, simple to complex, we can help in Knoxville and the Knox County area.

DPF Warning Light

Soot builds up over time inside the DPF filter. This soot can be burned out of the filter through a process called regeneration. Our computer forced regeneration can get you back on the road fast!

Major & Minor Repairs

We handle all major and minor repairs. No job is too big or too small. We partner with local glass, body, and tire shops to take care of all of your fleet needs.

Roadside Truck Service

Our patented Mobile Service Trucks allow us to get your vehicle repaired and back in operation with a minimum delay, eliminating towing charges and costly downtime expense.

Preventative Maintenance

We maintain your fleet by tracking the preventative maintenance schedule and letting you know when its time for service.

Overflow Services

If you already have a fleet manager or mechanics on staff, we can provide overflow service to get your mechanics caught up.

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